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Thread: Help!

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    I downloaded the file Rise of Nations for use with Win Xp.
    The name of the file is Rise_of_Nations-FLT.x-gamers.ShareReactor.iso .
    I extracted the file already but have no idea of what to do next!

    Can anyone help?
    I downloaded this file in particular because it came from the Hashes section of this board,so i'm thinking that other people downloaded the same file and got it to work.

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    hey bro, learn to read the f-king forum faq manz..
    this kind of qns have been asked a googol times..jus becoz buggers like u dun bother to read or search the forum b4 they ask...
    u jus need to burn the iso to cd using nero, alcohol 120% or any other cd-burning softwares..

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    I did check you tard.
    But I thought people might have the exact file that I downloaded and be able to help.

    But anyway thanks for answering.
    Why can't you extract the file then install it from your hard drive?

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    yeh i downloaded it matey and opened it with winiso and then burned to disc using nero, works fine. i think the heat is getting to people oh there is a no cd crack but not used it so dunno if it works, a lot have got a virus anyhow.


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