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Thread: Can't Watch Movie

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    I've just downloaded Finding Nemo, and all I can see when I go to watch the video are dancing colors, and the audio isn't even what the movie is. Did I just download a bogus file, or did I do something wrong? Thanks!

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    u sure u got all the codecs

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    do you have codecs installed? if not try the K-lite Codec pack

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    Thank you both! I'm new to this, so I probably don't have this. Can you tell me how I get it? Thank you again!!!!

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    Thank you again! One more question...I've been able to watch other movies, so does this still mean that I still could be missing these codes? Thanks-you guys are very helpful!

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    i am new with all this as well. but a mate of mine told me that different movies sometimes have different codecs, so you better dl and see what happens.

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    Good advice-thank you. Is there a place that tell you which codes each movie would need? Or do I just download the latest version and see what works and what doesn't work? And will it change the sound also? When I tried playing Finding Nemo, all I heard was music, and what sounded like some kids talking. Will these codes actually convert all that into the movie?

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    Yeh There's A Program Called G-spot Do A Search On Kazaa To Download It Tells You What Codec you need

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    in my opinion you sre better off getting a new version. the sound should not be what you have described either the real sound comes or it doesnt. what some silly people do is they upload any load rubbsih and name it into popular movies.
    also if you get the kazza lite codec majority of the movies will work.

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