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Thread: Kill The "1's"

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    I don't care what you say (those who claim your "1" bandwidth is better for all...), with regards to sharing files, if I click on a DL and it tells me that my ETA (or estimated time of completion) is 3000 hours, there's a problem... And so I compare data and find that this moron has released his DL at a broadband rate of "1". That is the only difference between his and those that release at 600-1200-Unlimitted which will give me a DL in 2-4 hours.

    This really pisses me off that I set my comp specifically to "Unlimmited" to release one DL at a flat out max rate. Whoever gets there first gets it; and they do get it. Someone hooks onto my comp, they're gonna get a full feature DL in 2hrs or less. Now I figure that's the least I can do for Kazaa when I come here. And I come here prepared to do that. And it is a sacrifice cause my comp runs very slow here cause I have 12-24 awesome DL's coming in in return. But these self-centered morons don't want to look bad by releasing nothing, so they release the minimum!. And quite frankly I would rather they just F%#! right off, cram that f%#er up their ass and stay the f%# off of Kazaa cause they're just confussing my comp into thinking there's a download there when there isn't. I don't have 4 str8 months @24hpd to wait for a single download while they load everybody elses at flat out rates.

    So plz Kazaa, either remove the bandwidth adjustment option and leave set at unlimmited, let the number of DL's regulate the toll on the comp's RAM, or give me the equipment to ban users who I identify as leaches (i.e. a baned IP list). This is the only way you can equalize and regulate sharing, because obviously sharing is becoming less and less an interest in the hearts of people who can get around it. And the only ones who can regulate it are those who are out here watching what is going on.

    Now I apologize for my anger but it seems the only way I can enphesize the importance of this point. Delete this if you feel it necessary. I, and others who share, would like to see it right under your LOGO.

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    Maybe the person just has a lot of upload slots. So the bandwich is shared between many downloaders

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    Y'know, there are already ways to search for leechers, but instead of being obsessed with them, don't bother. Big deal if someone takes some of your bandwith without repaying it.

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    First of all, since you are both making excuses I will asume you both have yours set to "1", plz stay off my topic.

    Secondly, my topic is a complaint about 3000 hour DL's, not giving/receiving...

    It is a request for the removal of options in the program that encourage leaching - taking without returning - by way of offering the choice.

    A suggestion to, instead, refine the choice: "come to kazaa and share or stay the F#@k out!".

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    I completely agree that giving no bandwidth all the time on purpose is wrong, but I want to defend the option in general. I do a lot of work at home and i've found I cannot open a window to work that gives me a reaosnable response if my upload bandwidth is above 32 (so someone can get 4Kb d/l speed or 3 users with 1.33Kb). The alternative is turning Kazaa-lite off so no one gets anything. Then at night I go back to unlimited upload bandwidth. Taking away that option would be bad for me and p2p. You may disagree but otherwise more people would turn off sharing or just turn off Kazaa-lite.

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    You cannot make people share, however, I do believe it is the right thing to do, many people will just leech.

    And the last time I checked you don't have to use Kazaa(++) if you are not getting satisfaction.

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    what exactly are you downloading off these people to begin with? removing that option will f up the bandwidth of the already fucked up 56kr. i'm not one and when i have k++ on which is rarely it's at 128 or higher with 3 slots open.

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    Math is good. Reading is good. If you can't do either of these you can't function in life. If you can't function in life you can't deal with this very perplexing and all consuming topic I have laid out here that even scientists throughout the generations have pondered and faultered over... It is about greed and self-centeredness. Things that even math and english can't help you with.

    My point is, you come to Kazaa to Download. Not to work. Not play.
    While you are Downloading a minimum requirement is set to one full download with no compromize unless it is to offer more. A minimum of one full Download with unlimmited bandwidth.

    Why do these topics always seem to attract the assholes I'm arguing against instead of people with integrity - I guess we are at an end in 'time and history'. The culmination of all of sin and death.

    SMILE. It's the end of the world!

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    Allow me to simplify; TRY THIS...

    Set your bandwidth to "Unlimmited". Set your Uploads to "1".

    This way, we will all be "Supreme beings" like myself - lol

    This way, when you hook on to kazaa, you KNOW you will get the download selected within a 24 hour period stead of a four month period if you're lucky and at best.

    This way, you can relax, knowing that you are doing your part without excuses and that at one download, it realy isn't all too bad at all...

    Life is about QUALITY.


    Just try it.


    Again, plz excuse my anger.

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    if you set your broadband at unlimited though it slows your comp you do it because you want to. there's no gun to your head. people with fucked up bandwidth or even leeches though it is wrong have a right to set their broadband to whatever the fuck they want. don't download off them. you've got some nerve trying to regulate what a user can do and their purpose for using a client. this thread is joke and i'm glad your pissed because you simply must download off people with a bandwidth of 1 and have a narrowminded view of just what someone must or must not do whilst on k++.

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