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Thread: Psx Questions....again!

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    Right im probably gonna ask questions asked a thousand times (and yes i've looked through the forum and aint found the answers i needed) here we go...

    1.Can u Burn psx isos to CDRW?? Or ONLY CDR???
    2.If im going with CDR are 'Verbatim' the only ones to use..or are there others??
    3.Can u make copies of Boot Discs (e.g.PSX change2, GameShark..etc..) Or do u need the originals???
    4.Can u Disc Swap on the PSOne (like u could with old model Playstations)..U know stick an original in, then when still spinning stick ya Backup copy in????
    5.Whats the best software for burning/copying???

    Right thats it, wont ask anymore PSX questions...
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!

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    1.CD-R only
    2.Any blank CD you can get...
    7.Nero Burning Rom

    Hope that helps

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    well 1.2.3 and 4 are right but i would say either alcohol 120% or clonecd are the best to burn PSX or PS2 games with.

    and 3. you can do it but you need to press it onto a cdr or dvd you cant burn it onto them.


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    Cheers folks..gonna get that PSOne chipped i think..I've heard those Boot cds are 50/50 and not that reliable...
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha!!


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