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Thread: My Computer Keeps Crashing!

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    Ok, here is the deal. I have Windows XP, and sometimes my computer crashes usually saying "DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL" or some read only memory file has been corrupt cause something attempted to write to it. Also a major problem is my Temp. Internet Files seem to clear out everytime one of these errors appear. Not the actually cookie txt's but the files themselves. This annoys me because it takes like 15 minutes to load frikin Habbo Hotel, and my comp just crashes and I have to reload it! Is there anyway to prevent any of this from happening, or anything I can do to fix the problem?

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    try new video drivers and have you cleaned the cooler on ya fan recently? it could be something as simple as ya processor getting to hot coz of dirt in cooler

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    As you're using XP, try uninstalling drivers and let windows generic drivers take over. Do so one driver at a time while in safe mode, rebooting and testing each time. This'll allow you to find out what is causing this. It will probably be drivers or directx related.

    Once you have found out what was causing it, download all the latest drivers for your system. Also, have a clean inside your box like boyzeee said.

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    Alright, I will try both of you guys methods. Thanks. Oh BTW LTJ, I like the pic in your sig, so funny yet so true!


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