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Thread: Do This To Use Emule Safer !,

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    4 those of ya who is using eMule, it is a good idea to use Peer Guardian but there are ways how ya can be even more safe..

    So if ya dont know about it already, heres what ya shall do...:

    - Go here: and grab "ipfilter.dat"...

    - Open "ipfilter.dat" in yer favourite text-editor...

    - Copy everything in it ...

    - Click on "Preferences" in eMule and choose "Security" section...

    - Click on "Change" and paste it all in there...

    - Hit "Reload"..!

    Note: If ya dont have an "ipfilter.dat" already , eMule will tell ya that it cant find "ipfilter.dat" and then all ya have to do is to go to Emule-directory and in there yall find "config" - directory and then ya just have to place ipfilter.dat there.

    Update it once in a while...

    I suggest ya use Peer Guardian too however , so go grab it at:

    Remember too update it regurarly...

    Doing this will give ya some protection against the monster-corps...

    ...and Peer Guardian will give protection 4 other P2P-appz too, like Bit-Torrent for example...

    Quite interesting to see how many connections that are refused and they still try to connect to ya even if ya have closed down P2P...

    CheerZ ! 


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    What build did emule start that in ? It's not an option I have, I don't think.

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    I htink is a mod version take a look on this help file from EMULE.

    IP Filtering

    Sometimes it happens that users send, intentionally or without knowing, corrupted data. This may prevent a file from completing properly or the file being totally corrupted.
    eMule introduces a basic filtering of IP's. The IP-Ranges to filter are stored in a file named ipfilter.dat which is stored in eMule's install folder. This blacklist has the following format (same as cDonkey):

    # Example of a "ipfilter.dat" file
    # All entered IP ranges will be blocked in eMule for both Up- and Downloading
    # Be extremely careful what you enter here. Wrong entries may totally block eMule from accessing the network
    # Format:
    # IP-Range , Access Level , Description
    # Access Levels:
    # <127 blocked
    # >=127 permitted - , 000 ,

    This entry will block the IPs from to, i.e. eMule will not connect to any IP out of this range, neither for uploading nor downloading data.

    The example above will block any connection to the specified IP-range. This may reduce the number of sources for downloads.

    At the moment only one access levels are implemented. A value below 127 (default in Preferences -> Security) means that any connection-attempt is denied. Coming eMule-versions will expand this feature.
    When a client/IP is filtered, it is logged in the debug-log.

    Official eMule distributions will not contain a ipfilter.dat file. Do not use this feature unless you know what you do&#33;[/U]

    Last update on: 2003-04-27 by Monk


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