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Thread: Small Giveaway

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    I have some small giveaways... nothing great but just something to share back.


    FreeTheScene x 2 invites:

    post a ratio proof speedtest

    IPTorrents x2 invites:

    post 2 ratio proofs AND speedtest with today date.

    Sport-Scene x1 invites

    request in here with at least 1 or 2 ratio proofs as well as speedtest.

    SceneLeech x 2 invites: I think this is a pretty good underated tracker and there is freeleech atm so same as IPtorrents, 2 ratio proofs and speedtest with todays date.

    XtremeWrestlingTorrents x 3 invites

    (Note this will not be given out until a few days after WrestleMania because of new hit and runners unless I feel that your proofs and reasons show otherwise)

    I would like 2 ratio proofs for this and a speedtest as well, also I would like to know why you want this invite and what you can contribute to get it before WM24.

    ST-Music x2 invites (thanks to inviter)

    Same as above speedtests, proofs.



    One lucky person will win invite to SCC however I stress no collectors and only people who WILL use the site. People with seedboxes etc and high BT rep get main priority over this. this is totally dependant on if I feel the user deserves a place here, if not I will not give the invite out.

    NO PM's I will PM YOU! Post here first.

    Finally Good Luck to all.


    *bumping* lol
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