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Thread: Image Reversed!

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    I have just burned an .avi to a VCD, the avi was fine before it was burned to CD but when I played it on my DVD player the whole thing was upside down & back to front!
    I would think this happened in the encoding but wondered if anyone else had this problem & what they did about it

    TIA for any replies!! :beerchug:

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    Try this simple method:

    Download a program called ffdshow (windows 32bit version).

    Once installed, click >Configuration >highlight Miscellaneous >place a Check on the "Flip Video" box (upper right side).

    Now your movie will show up backward but will burn and play correctly on the DVD player. This seems to do the trick for those few movies that burn backwards. Just remember to return and unclick the flip box or you will find yourself watching backwards movies and burning backwards.
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