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Thread: Best Pc In The Forum...

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    Hey, this is just a little thing i decided i might do seeing Bigdawgfoxx's "Worst PC In The Forum", I decided maybe we should also see who has the best PC in the forum? lol well im anxious to see your posts and learn a little about your computers... hope u have fun posting

    512 MB of PC2700 RAM (my profile is wrong)
    running at 2.53GHz on a pentium 4 pro.

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    Wolfmight's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Feb 2003
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    my pc isnt the fastest, but it does have nice features. (The topic does say "best" not "fastest")

    AMD Althon XP 2400 2.0ghz
    512mb Sdram
    128mb geforce fx 5200
    80gb 7200 rpm HD
    17" moniter VIEWSONIC supports 150hz.
    Microsoft Intelli Laser Mouse
    Microsoft Internet Keyboard
    Windows XP PRO
    Sony 52x24x52 CD-RW
    DVD Rom drive
    ATI Wonder VE+Brand new materials from radio shack (allows viewing TV, Video Camera, etc on your computer.. anything that uses RCA or S-video hookup... allows u to record tv shows as files.. like Tivo sorta)
    Sbc Yahoo DSL 384 d/l, 128 u/l (it has downloaded at 280-300kb/s a few times)
    Linksys 4 port router network.
    APC Back-UPS CS 350 (Battery Power Backup.. really comes in use during a storm or black out)
    Intel Pocket PC Camera
    Duo MP3 Portable Digital Player.

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    jonathan_tijuana's Avatar ...
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    May 2003
    :beerchug: nice !!!

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    Jan 2003

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ with 333MHz FSB
    MSI K7N2 Delta mobo (nForce2-based with SPP northbridge and MCP2-T southbridge)
    512MB DDR333 RAM (2 sticks of 256MB operating in dual channel mode)
    80GB Seagate ATA-133 HD
    128MB nVidia GeForce FX 5200
    Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2
    16x LiteOn DVD-ROM drive
    32x10x40 BenQ CD-RW drive
    Philips 107B 17" monitor (supports up to 160Hz@1024x768, goes up to 1920x1440)
    Creative Inspire 4.1 surround speakers
    Microsoft ergonomic keyboard
    Microsoft optical Wheel Mouse
    Windows XP Corporate Edition with sp1 integrated

    Network stuff:
    ADSL internet connection from - 512/256
    Alcatel Speedtouch 530 router
    Intellinet 5-port hub (so i can share the 'net connection with my parents' computer)

    Not the greatest spec, but great value for money considering that all told, the total money spent is under £800. :-)

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    Processor Intel Pentium 4 Processor 3.0GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology

    Level 1 Cache 8KB and 12KB of Trace Cache

    Level 2 Cache 512KB Level 2 Cache

    Data Bus Speed 800MHz frontside bus

    RAM Installed / Max RAM Supported 1.0GB Dual Channel PC-3200 DDR SDRAM, Upgradeable to 4.0GB

    Memory Configuration (2) 512MB DIMM memory chips

    Memory Slots Available 2 available 184-pin DIMM slots

    Floppy Drive Internal 3.5" 1.44MB floppy drive

    Hard Drive 120GB 7,200rpm UltraDMA ATA/100 hard drive

    CD / DVD / CD-RW Drive 16x DVD-ROM drive

    Second CD / DVD / CD-RW / DVD-RW Drive 4x2.4x16 DVD±RW Drive

    Monitor Type Monitor not included

    Video Card AGP 8x nVidia GeForce FX 5200 graphics card

    Video Memory Installed 128MB DDR SDRAM video memory

    Sound Card Integrated SoundMAX 3D Audio chipset

    Sound Output Mode 16-bit stereo

    Speakers 2 Stereo Speakers

    Modem / Communications Device PCI 56K V.90 Fax/Modem card

    Data / Fax Transfer Rate 56Kbps Data / 14.4Kbps Fax

    Network Features Integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet network adapter

    Ports and Connectors 1-Serial 9-pin ports; 1-Parallel 25-pin port; 1-VGA 15-pin port; 1-PS/2 Keyboard port; 1-PS/2 Mouse port; 6-USB 2.0 ports; 3-IEEE 1394 FireWire 6-pin ports; 1-Modem RJ-11 port; 1-Ethernet RJ-45 port; 1-Microphone port; 1-Headphone/Speaker port

    Expansion Bays 3 (1 free) External 5.25" bays; 2 (1 free) External 3.5" bays; 2 (1 free) Internal 3.5" bays

    Expansion Slots 1 (0 free) 8x/4x AGP 2.0 compliant slot; 6 (4 free) 32-bit Bus Mastering PCI slots

    Input Device Windows Keyboard, 2 Button Scroll Mouse

    Power Supply 300 Watt power supply

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

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    Wolfmight's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Feb 2003
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    seems alot of people have them 128MB nVidia GeForce FX 5200 cards. I've seen them selling as low as $60 online now. Pretty sweet considering it's Nvidia's 3rd or 4th best card.

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    jonathan_tijuana's Avatar ...
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    May 2003
    $60.... where???

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    U can get a $60 here......

    Asus A7M266-D AMD 760MPX Dual Socket A XP Ready 4DDR..

    one AMD Athlon MP2000+ 1.67GHZ installed and one empty

    two 512mbDDR sdram(pc2100)

    two 80gb udma HD

    Leadtek WinFast A250UltraTD geforce4 Ti4600 MyViVo

    Sound Blaster Audigy 2

    Creative Inspire 6.1 6600 speakers

    LiteOn 40x12x48 cdrw

    16x dvd

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    Wolfmight's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Feb 2003
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    both are 128mb 4x/8x agp (supports 4x and 8x mobos)

    for $63

    for $55, but..
    At that version HouseBrand says "Light Version". dunno, but i wouldnt take a chance with that. Notice:

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    Light version doesn't have support for digital LCD or something like that. I'd look at my card cause mine is the normal one and tell you which but I dont feel like turning on the lights, getting up, looking in the back of the computer... etc. etc. etc. I could hurt myself.

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