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Thread: Windows Xp Pro Corp Help!

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    hi ppl
    ive just downloaded WINDOWS XP PRO CORP from suprnova and when i go to enter in one of the KEYGENS provided it says INVALID CD KEY?? ive tried everything i know-does anybody have a working KEYGEN i can have or have any idea how i can sort this prob


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    when you install windows just use the key that was provided with the windows xp Download

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    bluelist keygen the best search for XPkey

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    ok i want to make something clear...

    i have XPKey...the one when you open see benchmarks and find key and test key...and then a drop down menu with Office XP and XP Pro Corp..Retail..and Home and Visio... when i search for a key....and i test to see if it works and it do i know that this key was not found by someone else...and when i call to activate what do i tell the Microsoft guy exactly....i hope i made my question clear

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    you wont know if its already been activated so this is what i do, and ive done it alot!

    scenario 1........ if you say installing office or visio and the only key you have got is one that you know has already been activated just do a basic install with that key with the minimum files, dont activate it and run the keygen as it needs the prog installed to find a new key, once you find some valid keys uninstal the prog and again reinstall with minimum files with one of the keys you have generated, this will be enough to activate product, if you then phone after 5pm you will automatically go thru the automated activation procedure, if it says not valid key just hang up and keep repeating the uninstal/reinstal thing with a new key each time and keep calling til you do get a key that will activate. its a bit long winded and you can see why i said minimum install and once its activated you can just modify prog to full install coz it wont need activating again. you can do this on the net to, its quicker than phoning, the choice is yours

    scenario 2.......... with win xp pro, home its a little easier, do same thing as above, install with key provided dont activate, run keygen, click activation and do it over the net, click "no i do not want to register with microsoft at this time" then you dont have to give any information and its anon, try and activate then when it says invaid key etc etc click the "change product key" button and put in one of the keys you have generated and try activating, keep on trying til you get one that works, i have been told it is better to shut down and restart and then try activating after each key change but ive never bothered. you can do all this over the phone, same thing as above but its just longer to do. there is a program called keychange that will do all the work for you to.

    corp doesnt need activating but make your own key, dont use the ones on the net coz microsoft will shut you down when you install sp1.

    i think ive covered it all...class dismissed

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    man...this is way too complicated....i will just use the XP Pro my teacher gave me...its the school CD that they use to install XP on the school network..which is good...and i already installed SP1 with no problems

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    it not really, just looks it when it written down, try it, its far easier than it looks. getting software worth lots of $$$ for free so a little work SHOULD be involved me finks, we cant have it to easy lol

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    you wont know if its already been activated so this is what i do, and ive done it alot!

    that does seem complicated, i was gonna try and download xp but i dont think i will bother now!

  10. Software & Hardware   -   #9 getting software worth lots of $$$ for free so a little work SHOULD be involved me finks,

    as i said before it takes a little time but i have on a few occasions been lucky and the first key ive put in activates, but saying that it took about 20 different keys to activate office on my nephews pc, and thats why i said a minimal install (it only 40mb needed with office to activate) as its quick to install and uninstall. it not at all complicated if you really read it, just click a few buttons. ive seen people give advice about tweaking the registry and other nonsense, its just not needed. i am looking right now for a program that lets you change the office key without uninstalling it as ive heard there is a prog out there somewhere that will do it, i will post it as soon as ive got it

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    I just got a bunch of serials from, will microsoft be able to track me down? If so, I guess I should use a keygen which i assume is available on kazaa. I am installing windows xp corp if that helps.
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