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Thread: Ebook Forums?

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    I see this site has more ebook easy download by media fire:
    nice site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by phpp View Post
    I see this site has more ebook easy download by media fire:
    nice site!
    Mediafire sucks now they've turned it into a Dropbox copy. Sad but true. And I haven't found a decent alternative yet.
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    This one is pretty good too..especially for newer releases.

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    Hi we are running a group on Facebook which links to our main database. We are sharing a variety of ebooks and are looking for more members to build our library. If you are looking for anything in particular then you can message the group and we will do our utmost to source it for you in whatever format you require. Visit us now and join up at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidw89 View Post
    Are there any ebook forum (large community) dedicated at sharing ebooks (pdf file) including any other format (lrf) since i got my sony prs-505 maybe someone is doing sony format only? Like a forum where people who love ebooks get together? Sharing ebook via rapidshare/megaupload etc?
    Any ideas?

    you can get ebook related to any topic at . This is a free ebook search engine there you can find ebooks in every format at free of cost.

    I looked for a ebook site for a while and then my friend told me about site , i got in and then downloaded the first book and its was great, and then i downloaded few more, i really suggest you guys to try it.
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    Try Emma Rose romance ebooks here's the link

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    You can check out this site too,

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    Personally I like although I also have good luck just doing a search on google.

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