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Thread: A Newbie's Nightmare Pt. I

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    Dear Seasoned Professionals (or any who care to help out..),

    I'm new at all this and I'm having a couple of problems (which I'm sure won't seem like much to you all). Anyway, here goes:

    I've downloaded a program and it's sitting in my shared folder, but I cannot open it because the program has an ".ISO" abbreviation and I get an error message that "such and such a program cannot open the file." Which program can
    i use to open this? I know how to change the program that opens it, but I don't know which one to use! If this makes any sense at all, please comment. If not, let this newbie stew.

    Second question: I've downloaded a program (haven't been able to use it yet, however...see the first question above) went to the store and bought the same thing for a friend (so that she could have the serial). I first wanted to buy one in the box, but the dealer suggested one without a box because it was forty dollars cheaper. I asked him about the serials and he said I didn't need them. He also said the disk would only work once. Is this a demo copy? Is there something on the disk which might prevent me from burning a copy? What's goin' on?

    Any help would be very sweet of you.


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    First question: Look at the pinned topic in the software section.

    Second question: Depending on what program it was, he probably ripped you off.

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    Uh....DuH! Thanks Xilo! (How embarrassing.) Next time I'll look before blindly leaping!

    In regards to ripping me off, I'm not sure. It was at a bloody radio shack. Can one sell demo copies of N SystemWorks '03? Would I be safe to make a copy for my computer?

    Anyway, thanks for pointing out the obvious....gawd.

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    I am no rocket scientist ... but a good program for opening .iso files is the excellent and relatively inexpensive (at least on k-lite) WinISO. (lol)

    As far as buying software without a box ... it just depends .. but since I have never done it I can't really comment.

    Anyways good luck.


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    Cheers you two! I've learned a tonne already!


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