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Thread: Freeware Rocks!

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    Date Cracker 2000

    Date Cracker 2000 is a program which removes the date protection from programs which expire after a specific date. It is most useful for shareware or trial versions of software.


    Have you had problems with sites hijacking your Home Page or other Internet Explorer restrictions? IE Restrictions will remove most common restrictions that may have been set by a sleaze web site as well as other methods. I do not guarantee this will remove all types available as there are just too many to put in one program but this will take care of 24 of the most common ones. Of course you can also use it to set any restrictions you'd like to have on your PC.

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    Thanks for that shared.

    I often get shareware progs when I need a one of job or can't get hold of a certain title. So I'll get it now, dont' understand the second title properly but I dont visit any sites other then tihs and my own anyway.

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    Does that date cracker work for every program that has a time limitation on it. If thats the case then you wouldnt need to crack most programs or have a serial.

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    I have a question, what does the restriction thing do ?

    Even after going to that website i still don't understand...

    Oh and thx for the date cracker, it might just be what i was looking for


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