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Thread: Max Payne Doesn't Work On Windows Xp

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    I just tried the ripped version of Max Payne on my Radeon 9800, and it crashes half way through the loading screen (after I click on New Game and choose a mission). Since it's a RIP, I can't even install a patch or anything like that.
    How can I fix that (or if you have the ISO, can you PLEASE upload it somewhere so I can download it)?

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    the rip works fine for me and i run widnos xp pro. try updating your gfx card drivers, and sound card drivers. that might be your problem. and actually yes you can instal an update. just search on google for the original max payne.exe file and replace it with the one you got now. then downlaod and install the update. then look for another nocd crack of the internet.

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    Thanks pal. Actually after posting this, I tried to install the patch anyway and it worked (the earlier versions didn't work with the RIP). Then I installed the crack and now I can play the game.
    Now the only problem is that I don't have those videos/sound files. Would be really cool if they were included or I could download them from somewhere.

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    i downloaded the game too but when i extract the files, 2 files was there another rip??

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    There's been a Max Payne ISO on Suprnova for
    about 2 days now, but I haven't had any luck downloading it. They're having some sort of problem with their trackers right now. If anyone does manage to get it, plz share it!


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