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Thread: Windows 2003 server web edition...need help!!!!!

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    i have windows 2003 web edition server, and i have 3 ips!! i need step by step help on how to set up the accounts with each ip plz if very possible. That would be so great if someone could help me with this probelm??? I got the admin account set up on my vectoral server, now i just need help setting up the other admin accounts on there with there onw each ip.....ty so much for ur help!!!

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    just get linux its very easy, but anyways. i don't understand your question :S
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    did you try looking in the tutorial section?

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    My Computer/Manage/Local Users & Groups/User - right click - add user

    Remember to grant (ie add to profile) admin privs & Terminal Services login rights, create username & password

    Send IP & username & password to other users

    Wouldn't harm you to learn how to use Terminal Services manager as well.
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