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Thread: Ad. Illustr. 10 Woes!

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    Anyone care to help me out as far as a "s" is concerned?

    Alternatively, I'm looking for: ""

    Anyone care to share their infinite knowledge (and beneficence) and help a frustrated person out?


    (----- is a word omitted, for posterity's sake.)

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    Try on (search on google)

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    You rock, sharedholder!! Thanks!

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    Found it, loaded it, error message: cannot open file. It's in the right folder...what am i doin' wrong?

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    If you don't use this patch the program will not
    work between Jan 1st 2002 and Jan 19th 2038.

    Run this patch in this directory:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator 10\Support Files\Contents\Windows


    Note: if you are installing and it doens't
    accept your serial number, just set your system
    clock back to 2001 then use this serial:

    Illustrator 10 Beta: 1034-0021-7155-9289-4954-2867

    PS do you have the 10 build 76??

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    Yeah, it's the 10 build 76. I've placed it in that exact folder, but I cannot get the patch to run. Once the little dialogue pops up and i click on what I want to do, it gives me an error message: "ERROR! CANNOT OPEN FILE!"

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    I don't know ,uninstall and click that link and download with Emule Or Shareazaa a verified version.

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    You set the clock back because that version of illustrator was beta with an expiration date. Turning clock back allows installation access. Reboot and reset clock to real time. Patch the the program to get rid of the beta expiration date and now your illustrator will function correctly.

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    Again, you rock!

    I'll try your suggestion, it's bound to work!

    Much obliged!

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