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Thread: US scener jailed for 30 months

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    "A bad news came today from American Department of Justice: A US man has been jailed for 30 months for copyright infringement over his involvement in the warez scene."

    "David M. Fish, 26, of Woodbury, Connecticut, was further sentenced to three years on probation this week after he pleaded guilty to criminal copyright infringement and circumvention offences. The computer equipment used by Fish to commit the offences was forfeited. Fish served as the site operator as well as a scripter, equipment supplier, broker and encoder for warez sites between January 2003 and July 2005, according to court papers. His work involved circumventing copyright controls on DVDs and uploading content.

    In the Southern District of Iowa case, Fish participated in a separate warez site from Jan. 21, 2003, through April 21, 2004. The warez server used in this case was determined to contain approximately 13,000 pirated software titles including movies, games, utility software and music. Transfer logs confirm that defendant Fish assisted in the uploading of 131 software titles and downloading 373 software titles to and from the warez FTP server.

    The case is part of Operation Copycat, an investigation by the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office targeting online warez groups that illegally distribute newly-released movies, games, software and music online. Operation Copycat has resulted in 40 convictions thus far as part of a larger federal crackdown against the illegal distribution of copyrighted materials, known as Operation Site Down. Affected groups included such names as MYTH, Centropy, HOODLUM, VENGEANCE or Corrupt."

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    There's always a douche that squeals, and then this happens.

    Centropy (great team, first DVDR release (Swordfish 2001 was by them)), CORRuPT (also made many good DVD's), HOODLUM (solid games group), and BHP which also got caught a couple years ago.

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    Let piracy live..Bad news really..

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    "Transfer logs confirm that defendant Fish assisted in the uploading of 131 software titles and downloading 373 software titles to and from the warez FTP server"

    500 files? And he called himself a site op. That many over 2yrs... wow. A whole days worth of 0day apps. hahaha.
    Must of been a very uber site

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    Not good..


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