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Thread: Moreforcebeus Kazaa Client!

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    MoreForceBeUs Desktop MP3 software download is a KaZaa-compliant third-generation
    peer-to-peer file-sharing service. Better, faster & cleaner, it allows users
    to search and download media files from KaZaa users. Play/view media files through
    a jukebox, publish your workto the world and, as always, communicate with other
    MoreForceBeUs & KaZaa users. MoreForceBeUs supports audio, video, software,
    games, images, and documents. Version 2.21 features fast search results, start-up
    time and communications with others.

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    did u try it?

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    did u try it?
    I put his topic only for the info ,so i don't want to suggest to download this.No i don't want to install that on my pc because i just reformated my pc today

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    well i downloaded it and it seems to be the cloudload kmd151_en.exe (kazaa v1.51) downloader/installer?!?

    EDIT: I think this is the only thing i installed since my last spyware scan, so I believe it installed eZula iLookup, and FlashTrack spyware during the setup.

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    Ergo, it is crap


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