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Thread: Css - Help Needed Me Ol 'mucker

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    ok, once again I'm making a new site layout (for the bloody sixth time in two months and I'll be using a lot of css so I wont need to completely remake the site each time I want to update.

    The current state is: Here and I just have a few questions I hope you all could help me with.

    1. I am trying to use <H1>word<H1> tag on the &#39;welcome to; header and have the information in an external .css file but when applied the actuall text comes out right but the cell height is increased by another line and It&#39;s not a
    or anything. What am I doing wrong?

    2. Is it possible to control the links in the two left tables from the .css files so I could change what the links say (and where they lead to) without chaging each page?

    3. Is it possible to make the tables have a slight shadow around it like what this has?

    Any help will be appreciated

    btw, great work with the forum, its finaly working ok for me and its nice to see the return of the online list.

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    ok, thats question 1 sorted.


    Anyone able to answer the other 2 questions please?

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    The shadow is an image (background)

    Changing links without changing each page, use php include and include menu.php or something

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    Thanks mate, so I wont be using the shadow then.

    I dont know php , any other methods?


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