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Thread: Ut2004!

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    How did we let it sneak up on us like that? it comes out early september and ive herd nothing on the forum about it, it looks spectaclar from the screenshots.
    its definetly on my wish list.

    new weapons and maps and now with tanks, jet and other vehicles!

    will post when i find a verified source (No not a shop smart ass)

    :EDIT: wont be as good as Halo tho

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    looks awesome

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    yep the automobiles r the only best feature i can see

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    hope we get a (GOOD) port to xbox... no offence but im not good at playing UT on pc im better with controllers

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    Oh boy, another Unreal Tournament. I can't wait to dl it. I have Unreal tournament Game of the year edition, and soon i'm gunna have 2003, and i'm gunna dl 2004 right when somebdy posts a hash for it, looking forward to the hash.
    Only in a computer will I find happiness.

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    It looks great,can't wait.

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    early september dudes, not long now

    Hers a shot of 1 of the jets i told about in a previous post

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    Bring it on!

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    ill post a hash as soon as its pretty quick with these things

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