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Thread: Is PeerGuardian as Good as PROTOWALL ??

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    Anyone know if 1 is better than the other, as far as protection etc?

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    Feb 2008
    PG is more recent than Proto, it has constants db updates, does Proto have it too? Even if it has PG is more advanced, too bad they don't release product updates. :/

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    I have tryed few times to install that Protowall but i have faild just to see how is working,as always i use only PG

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    I'm being completely honest, both those programs don't do anything at all. It's just a fall sense of security. It's like adding a lock on your door, no matter what, its not gonna stop thieves from entering through the window. It's probally just blocking from other simple users from connecting to you since it blocks MANY of the schools that students use.

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    I'm staff,kiss m ass BT Rep: +1
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    Yeah Monkeee I tend to agree. While servers known for leeching and corrupting data can be blocked out, the accuracy of the lists is very questionable.

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    Living Dead BT Rep: +2
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    @up - You can choose blacklists you want to use...
    And, back on topic, PeerGuardian was crashing at my PC with many IPs on list. But PW always blocks http port, and you can't change it. I'm using BlockPost - addon for Outpost firewall. It's stable, you can change blocking 80/443 ports when you want, add ip's/applications to whitelist.

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    they get their blocklists from the same location in fact Bluetack the company that developed blocklist manager and PW hosted their lists for some time.
    not sure if they still do though!


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