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Thread: Great Tip

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    May 2003
    does some one know the website
    the website can only be used by edonkey, thats what some people think!!

    U can add the downloads at kazaa, cause people that have donkey, do have kazaa to
    so they share the files of whit kazaa

    go to kazaa, and typ: sharereactor, you will get a big list of sharereactor stuff NO FAKES

    or u can copy a link like: Simcity4.deviance.cd1.sharereactor.bin (example)
    make it shorter like, simcity4.deviance.cd1, paste it on kazaa, and you should have it.

    From another Tip board !!!

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    Old news and I think almost everybody knows sharereactor

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    Wat is EDONKEY? anudder filesharer?

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