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Thread: Bitorr. For Emule!

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    What is dmFile2Part

    It's an utility to convert files which has been started to download with BitTorent to a ,PART and .PART.MET files to be finished in eDonkey network.

    - Conditions.

    You must have the eLink of the file you want to complete. Search it on eDonkey network using your favourite client (EDonkey/eMule/Overnet) or in the sites which collect eLinks. Make sure that the eLink fits the Torrent you whant to complete (Chack file size).
    You must also have the .TORRENT file (When you click on tLink to download, press the right button and choose "Save target as...").

    - Instalation.

    Un-compress the files on a folder.

    - How to use:

    1.- In ".torrent File" edit cell type name and path of .TORRENT file.

    2.- If .TORRENT file has several files choose the one on the list.

    3.- In "Incomplete File" edit cell type name and path of the file you want to resume.

    4.- In "elink" edit cell type the eLink of the file. (It handles HTML and normal formats).

    5.- In ".part.met file" spin edit you choose the number of the .PART and .PART.MET files to create.

    6.- Push "Make" button and the soft will create a .PART and .PART.MET files in the same folder where the incomplete torrent file is. Then copy those files in the temporary folder of eDonkey/eMule/Overnet.
    If eDonkey/eMule/Overnet is running you must close and open again.

    - Download and new versions.

    - History

    19/07/03 - v2.0
            - Handle .TORRENT with several files.
            - Multi-language supprot.

    23/03/03 - v1.0
            - First public version.

    DMTorrent2part Download

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  3. BitTorrent   -   #2
    holy crap

    neone tried this yet?

    may help if there arnt ne seeds


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