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Thread: BitTorrent Sites Open for Signup

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    Nov 2006
    Just wondering if there are any new site like Oink, sad to have seen it go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porscha View Post
    Just wondering if there are any new site like Oink, sad to have seen it go.
    Waffles and What but they are not open signup. You might be able to pass the What 'exam' or beg an invite.

    Oh, and GFT is open again.
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    PostFile (The Filepost of olde) ~ Register
    Very old school tracker and by that, I mean that it's been around for years and has not had since open registration in more than a year. Don't expect them to be open for long and take it from moi, it's a good tracker. There are 3,155 files in the following 0 - day catz ~
    Apps/ Games-PC/ Movies-HD/ Movies-SD/ Pack/ TV-HD/ TV-SD/ XXX
    Normally invite only. Open at the time of this post.
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    Thank you Lady LoTL.

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    Still open today.

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    will be open later today

    Tracker's Name:
    Genre: General
    Sign-up Link:
    Review's Link:
    Additional information: Join (BL)
    Tracker Name: BITLEECHERS
    Genre: General
    Signup Link:

    Bitleechers - Site Created By:
    Lee Howarth: Owner of Source Codes
    Janhouse auto uploader: Great Programer and Scripting
    Nikkbu: Great Designer and Theme Maker
    Dentoo: Great Server Provider - Fastest Help Support

    Site Statistics:
    Online Since: 13/08/2012
    Torrents: 34906
    Peers: 2934
    Seeders: 2867
    Leechers: 97
    Members: 2601

    Additional comments:
    We are a friendly tracker with 30,000 + torrents on site with a nice Forum for alot of things consisting of a joking area to an adult area and to making requests. Our staff have the utmost respect to all our members. We are growing each day and becoming bigger then we anticipated. So, now is the time to join and sign up while the doors are open.

    We have just done an overhaul on the themes we have on site and there are plenty to choose from. Our newest theme was our make over with a banner with 8 slides advertising the newest movies coming out.

    We have a very nice Bonus system that every member who has torrents seeding can earn the Bonus and trade in for traffic on the fly (added to your uploaded total). You can trade in Bonus's for invites, freeleech slots and GB upload credit. You Get Bonus points for each torrent you seed per hour. So, the more torrents you seed the more Bonus points you will recieve.

    Along with the bonus system we have an IRC Bonus Credit. You will receive 1 point per hour when you idle or chat in our IRC.

    All new members receive 1 invite and 1 freeleech slot with a 5.00GB upload total and a 0.00 download total to start you off.

    All torrents that are over 6.00gb and XXX are freeleech so only uploaded stats are counted, but seeding rules apply which are 1:1 ratio per torrent or seed for 48 hours.

    We hope you enjoy our tracker and anyone is very welcome to join. Please read our "Announcements & Rules". Enjoy



    or email

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