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Thread: Directx 8.1 Or 9b

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    which one is better ?

    i heard from people that DX 9.0 got some buggs and 8.1 is better ist true? should i keep working 8.1 or upgrade to 9b

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    upgrade to dx9 cause new games requrire dx9

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    DirectX updates are cumulative, i.e. DirectX 9 includes DirectX 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 1, and any versions prior to that. It even includes the various smaller version revisions.

    This is why games based on older ones still work perfectly, and usually faster.

    There is simply no reason not to upgrade.


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    just a juicy tidbit in case ur hungry......

    Even though that's not it's main purpose, the spyware blaster program has a feature called "systems" or something that lets you see you're direct x stuff in detail. I think it includes tests, too.

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    "I am you in the future, and i got advice, when DirectX 9b comes out get it"
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