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Thread: I'm searching for [ Photoshop CS2 for the Web] & need all your votes

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    Hey FST guys ,

    I'm searching for this tutorial : Photoshop CS2 for the Web
    CS2 not CS3

    Please guys I want you to search for it at your trackers ,
    or for links at RS {I found some but they were dead}.

    or If some one have it & can upload it , It would be awesome .

    --------- OR >>>>> My Last Hope .

    That you vote for my request on RevTT for this tutorial
    Here is the link : Photoshop CS2 for the Web

    regards ,

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    why do you need cs2 not cs3?

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    lsw0794's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +11BT Rep +11BT Rep +11
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    WatchAndLearnPhotoshop Designing for the Web with Photoshop CS2 CD-ViH
    this is what bitme has
    hope this can help u
    my friend uhh
    good luck !
    Time and tide wait for no man

  5. BitTorrent   -   #4
    LubTheStaringCat's Avatar I'm curious BT Rep: +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65BT Rep +65
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    The Balence
    If you are talking about Photoshop CS2 Essential Training for the Web.
    I have It. where do you need It.


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