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Thread: How Come Isos Don't Work

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    Ok, I burn them into cds and install the program with crack. Why the f**** doesn't it work.

    I've tried all these games:

    Age of Mythology
    Medal of Honour Allied Assault

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    try mounting with daemon

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    You are gonna need to be more specific, maybee check the help us help you link in my sig.
    Or just let us know what happens when you try and the run the game.

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    maybe it helps to unpack it before burning the cd

    try this one for unpacking the iso-file:

    or the file isn't right packed, also a possibilty

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    Apr 2003
    two things

    1. Maybe it's corrup (try using emule for games)

    2.It isn't packed right.

    in all just try re downloading.

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    Is emule like a program?

    Ok I'll try. Maybe it's corrupt.


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