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    May 2003
    can some1 help me?

    i am using BT for the first time and to start with it looked fantastic. i have been dowonloading at a continuous 150kbps whilst uploading at 30kbps.

    this has been great, but now it is stuck on 98%. Y is this happening?
    is it because no1 is seeding?
    can some1 help?

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    Jun 2003
    yes, no one is seeding the complete file.
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    Feb 2003
    before downloading check if there are seeders with 100%

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    Check back later if someone is seeding the file. I often check if some file that I&#39;ve dl&#39;ed before has low amount of seeders and lot&#39;s of leechers and seed it if neccessary, when I visit torrent sites. Or if the torrent site you&#39;re using has forum you can try to request it there. Just be polite and tell how much you&#39;re downloaded allready. (don&#39;t go yelling seed this sh*t u f*uckers&#33; NOW&#33; )


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