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Thread: Problems with internet

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    We got a problem, a friend came over with his computer and when he pluggs in his computer into our router (D-link 604) after
    som time internet starts to drop and die.
    It is down for some 10-20sec then it comes alive for some time and then dies again and so on.
    We have 3 computers connected now and 4 with him, all 3 computers have XP and he got Vista.

    Something clearly happens when he pluggs in his computer into the router, but what? And how do we stop it?

    Thanks guys!

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    Well, perhaps it has something to do with UPnP?

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    I want ask
    his computer use wireless or lan card?

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    There have been problems of the sort you describe with Vista (and possibly XP SP3) on some routers, though I don't know if this is one of them.

    Check to see if there any firmware upgrades, but make sure you only try to install any for your hardware revision. They changed processors after revision C, so if you try to install the wrong version your router will be permanently dead.
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