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Thread: Can't Stay Connected Using Bt

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    when i use the bittorent client on shareaza or the experimental one it seems i'm able to download for about an hour then get disconected, but the only way i know it's disconnected is that the download stops and i can't view webpages...the lost connection screen on aol doesn't come up it's as though i'm connected but i'm not...this causes me to restart my computer to fix it. anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

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    Glad I found this thread , stopped me from making a new one.

    A day late and a dollar short but,....

    I was having the same problem last night , only followed by the BSOD and then no connection, I did a little reading on the BitTorrent Faq and found this jewl.

    If you have a DSL modem, especially an Alcatel, you should upgrade your drivers.
    If you have a Linksys network card, you may have to upgrade your network card drivers as well.

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    It's probably a cap enforced by your ISP.

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    Originally posted by Amarjit@6 September 2003 - 15:27
    It's probably a cap enforced by your ISP.
    doubtfull, most isp only care about $ and their a55, they really could care less what you do, but if ua/mpaa report you to them, they have to pass on the info
    but i never herd of a isp blocking downloads

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    i'm on a 56k modem and i've been searching everywhere for a solution to my isp (Aol) not responding while using BT...i can only find new drivers to install for DSL as captain nemo quoted. is there any new drivers to install for dialup or what should i do?


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