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Thread: New File Sharing Website!

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    Hey guys just asking this amazing forum, for some feedback on If anyone has any ideas for new sections on the site or any requests etc please leave a message. Also please click on banners as all money is going towards a case against the record industry, which we are helping out with.

    Thanks loads guys, and keep filesharing alive.


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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    Jan 2003
    seems a pretty cool site, nice one

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    cheers man. taken ages to get a large news database etc. but ive been reworking the graphics etc. so it looks better now than it used to.

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    Mar 2003
    Just FYI, there may be problems with the "click on the banner " part of your post. Anytime there's advertising involved, no matter what the qualifier might be, it's requested that you run it by a Mod or Admin before posting. If there's any complaints of course it will need to be removed.

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    Filesuneed is not new .

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    no its not new, but i have just recently updated all the graphics etc. im finding it very hard to build a community. although we recieve like 200hits a day no one leaves messages etc. i wonder if anyone has any tips on how to do this. also if anyone would like to be an admin add news etc. ?

    finally sorry bout saying click on the banners. but i have a friend who worked on napster amongst other things and is sueing some part of the record industry for loss of earnings etc so im giving the money to that.



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