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Thread: zero0...i can't msg you...your inbox is full

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    hbk4ever's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    Apr 2007
    I wanted to contact you, but your inbox is full. It was in regards to myspleen. i hope this isn't against site rules. If it is, I apologize.
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    funny thread.. hmm /trash? Think so

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    killercam101's Avatar count-dick ass BT Rep: +8BT Rep +8
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    Apr 2008
    Zero0 why haven't you called me? You said you'd call me and you never did! I'm not mad I just miss you . You said you loved me and that you'd take care of my kid RayRay....please call me baby!!!

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    Dec 2007
    ^you are dumb, close the thread to prevent spam and bump occasionally

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    zero0's Avatar ('''')o_0('''') BT Rep: +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60BT Rep +60
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    hbk4ever close this thread please .. or you will see all kind of spam can pm me now ... and you are welcome


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