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Thread: Windows Messenger 5.0 Released

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    Windows Messenger 5.0Final Version Is Released For Download

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    But i never quite understood the point of releasing Windows Messenger when there's MSN... aside from the fact that half of MSN's features don't work without Windows Messenger...

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    well @ first i like Wmsg better, cause it would color with my windows........... now i have MSN6 and u can skin that
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    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    windows messenger is sed to be less of a resource hog than the feature packed msn 6

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    Version 5 does not include the option to link Messenger to your Hotmail inbox as with previous version. Your "home" or the inbox through your ISP becomes the new link. Clicking the "My E-Mail Box" option opens Microsoft Outlook rather than my hotmail account. So far, v4.7 still looks pretty good to me.

    My question however is that usually, Windows Messenger will inform users automatically when new updates are available. Why not now?

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    My guess - They've just recently released MSNi6 and they want to peddle everyone in using it. WM probably has a few solutions to past stability problems, but their main project is MSN Messenger.

    MS are notorious for that with Outlook & Outlook Express - Outlook Express was less of a resource hog than Outlook, but MS mainly put their attention to Outlook. I wonder if the fact that you needed to buy Office for Outlook had something to do with it...


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