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Thread: Post Your Favorite Instrumental Songs Here!

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    You know those instrumental songs stuck in your head but you don't have a clue what they are called? Or the ones you love and you think others might be looking for them?

    Post them here and we can share what we know. Some of those songs are real good... but they dont have words so you cant guess what they are.

    I'll start out with some that are real good ones, and maybe we can make this into a good long thread.

    Santana - Europa ||| The best damn electric guitar song in the world

    Mason Williams - Classical gas ||| There are 2 versions, one is a solo and one is orchestra

    Allman Brothers - Jessica ||| Very well done song, electric guitar and unplugged mixed in there too i think

    Bach - Tocatta and Fugue in D minor ||| You know those vampire movies? This is the theme to just about all of them. Pipe organ.

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    Yeah, check this out...

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    would linkin parks songs from reanimation count as instrumentals. there's not much lyrics as all, just music. if so then i like.

    the reanimation of one step closer and pushing me away. those are the best songs and i dont really think thier instrumentals but it's pretty much just sound and a few lyrics.


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