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Thread: Req: Vbulletin Forum

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    im requesting a web forum called vBulletin the newest version is 2.3.2

    if anyone has any version of vBulletin please reply.


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    you'll need a licence to run it

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    Originally posted by SiMpLe DiSaSTeR@17 August 2003 - 06:48
    you'll need a licence to run it
    You need a licence to download it and upgrade it. Once you have the files to setup the board, you got it.

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    neg just need zip with all the files in it upload and ur set.

    u need code to download it, does anyone have the zip thats what im looking for.

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    I have a version 2.3.0 that was spyfixed by tnt

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    It seems vBulletin has emerged from the ashes after Jelsoft Enterprises claimed that they had discontinued the software. But here it is: vBulletin 2.3.2. And, kuyaneo, your "spyfixed" version is this one. BTW: You will require eMule to download these files.

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    what do you mean "spyfixed" ??

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    PM me if you want version 3.0 with the spyfix....

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