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Thread: Can't Access Kazaa Lite, Behind Universit Firewall

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    Hi.. I 'd be really very grateful, if someone could help out of this. I am at university and I want to download songs using kazaa lite. However, my network does not seem to like P2P networks like Kazaa and therefore even though I can download the kazaalite software, install it and even run it, I can't download any songs as the "search" and ""traffic" windows are always disabled.

    I tried using the http proxy ( but seems kazaalite does not support http proxy). I don't know the exact SOCK5 Proxy codes of my network ( I think, its controlled by a username and password by the Network administrator, obviously, hes never gonna tell me that).

    Am just wondering is there anyway to bypass the Firewall or break it?
    I 'd really appreciate a lot of If any one has a crack to it.

    Thanks a lot!!!.


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    sounds like your university is trying to tell ya something

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    i think this is a well beaten dead horse topic but you might want to try soulseek instead, clean imesh(put this in a search engine) or grokster which are both fasttrack clients i.e. you can dl from kazaa but without the k++ features.

    also trry search "new p2p client connects to kazaa". someone posted about this but i don't imagine it's that much different from imesh or grokster. those edu speeds are out of this world for us people who can only get 512/ 715 or the shitty verizon 1.5 mbps which rarely gets that high.

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    disable port 1214
    go to via port 80(No one is banning this port,I think)

    If still can't work......

    go to download Socks2HTTP

    This program can change SOCK5 request to HTTP request

    Therefore,you can go through a HTTP proxy.^^


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