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    I don't really like my chances, but I read that invites have just opened today so ill give it a shot. Would really love an invite here, just ordered myself a 720p projector (Optoma HD65) and am in the process of (FINALLY!@) setting up my Home Cinema. Obviously Id like to download some high quality rips to go with it, and Ive read that Hdbits is the best site for this. So if anyone has a invite to spare, Id really, really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    When your gear comes in and you're all set up, show me pics.

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    y not SceneHD .. Its a great place .. good speeds and good stuff .. ur call ..

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    SceneHD is good but HDbits has releases from Esir and CtrlHD which are far better rips and quality. If you want a good side option to HDbits go with bit-hdtv which has freeleech for all Eureka releases which are better if not equal to Esir and CtrlHD.


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