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Thread: Adaware I'm Confused!

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    I installed this thing today and it comes with a lot of spyware ,i run AdAware (found :nothing) and i have all updates ,in this time a pop-up window comes out with and trying to connect to the internet.What a hell?Before that happenend i think AdAware is the best ,now i 'm looking for something else.SpySweeper anyone tryied this?

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    I kept on getting that Look2Me ad too, after i installed this accelerator, but what i did was i uninstalled it. It says it right on the pop up thing, when it comes up next you can uninstall it or whatever u want to do, since it was a program that u posted...

    edit: sry i didn't answer your question tho
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    i use Ad-Aware and Spybot - Search & Destroy

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    Yes I agree Dapadipz. Both Spybot Search & Destroy and AAW6 b181 are MUSTS! I also use the Immunize feature in SSD, pretty cool. Another program I use (it's very passive & uses no sys resources) is SpywareBlaster (freeware from Wilders Security).


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