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Thread: Gran Turismo 4(ps2)

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    In one of interview with "Yamauchi Kazunori" creator of "GT" he says that GT4 is 70% ready and japneies version will be released on Dec/ 25/ 2003 and American version will be released on Feb or March 2004

    More then 2000 real cars and 200 real racing tracks which r not same and will be better then before and with better grafic even more then part 3.

    there will be turismo, desert rally and more type of racing and most importent u can play online with other players

    Video clip

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    All i can say is w00t!!

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    man, even gta1 had graphics allmost like a ps2 on the cars shadeing.

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    What I hate is you cant smash up the cars which is unrealistic they were going to do it for GT4 but changed their minds again becasue the sponsers dont like to see their cars smashed up

    V8 Supercars is better

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    this game is gonna be fantastic

    damage is never properly implemented in games anyway
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    if i were u, id b looking out for need for speed underground&#33;&#33;&#33;

    cant wait for tis 1.

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    Damn man....Those are some polished graphics...looks nice.

    I never really liked any of the past need for speeds...just weren&#39;t my thing. I&#39;ll probably give this one a try anyway...


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