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Thread: Whats A Good Program To Code Php In?

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    I am about to learn PHP, but I got one big problem,

    1) I cant view what I have made becasue I havent got PHP installed on my PC. (I downlaoded PHP form, but its so hard to install, it's a waste of time)

    Is there a program, that will genarate what the code is for you withough installing PHP, If you say Dreamweaver then its a no, as all it got in Dreamweaver is a 'PHP' tag. What about Frontpage 2004 (beta)?

    Any Ideas?

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    acehtml pro 5

    try it...dunno if it meets ur requirements


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    You need to install Apache and then PHP. But Lycos Tripod is a good place to start; PHP is pre-installed and it offers 50MB of space as well as unlimited bandwidth, it does generate banner ads, but that is no worry, since you are merely learning PHP.


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