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Thread: Seedbox not updating tracker correctly/slow upload

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    I recently got a seedbox from, just a cheap shared one. Downloads line at around 6MB/s but only upload around 20kb, and doesn't appear to be updating tracker (TL) with the amount uploaded. DHT, and similar things are turned off, but TL shows I have uploaded 0, when utorrent webgui shows 2gb. Works fine on another seedbox (able to get a lot faster up times, but slower down) and on my own system. anyone got any ideas what the problem is?

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    running one torrent 796 seeds and 96 peers out of these 3 down , do you want ul in MB/s ? no way

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    lol, yes, one torrent, with about 400 leechers, that i can upload at 50kb from my dsl connection, I'm expecting at least that. more concerned about the tracker not knowing any data has been uploaded (defeats the point of a seedbox when seeding doesn't get counted)

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    400 leechers ? sorry but you are blind ?

    torrent from TL

    You Dont Mess With The Zohan UNRATED DVDRip XviD-ARROW

    added 2008-09-03 07:56:38 GMT +1
    seeds 760 peers 105

    so ?

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    well yes, there are less now... but damn, privacy issues much. and still doesn't change the fact that my DSL connection (300kbit up) can upload to the EXACT SAME TORRENT at over 5x the speed
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    privacy ? lol nice joke ! don't talk rubbish.. What you wrote just works to your disadvantage. Everyone who see your posts and my replies will agree

    torrent added 5 days ago and guy want ul in MB/s OMG ......

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    where did i say i wanted to upload in mb? i'm just wanting to get past dsl speeds at the moment.

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    Just try a different torrent.You can't reach any conclusions from just one torrent, especially if it was uploaded 5 days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacker View Post
    Just try a different torrent.You can't reach any conclusions from just one torrent, especially if it was uploaded 5 days ago.
    i know, i've tried a few, including a pub torrent with about 5x as many leechers as seeders, which was a disappointing test. either way, my other seedbox is doing it's job fine, so I'll stick with that one

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    yeah a few 3 torrents added DL 2.49GB ul 1.4GB
    all torrents ul a few days ago

    new torrent .. added when people have 50%

    and ?

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