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Thread: Games Skips Like A Bad Cd!

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    So I go to install a "backup" of a game, but once it is installed and ran, the game sound is fine but the into/screen/everything visual skips like hell. The game is unplayable like this, but it looks like everything else is fine.

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    Do you meet specs?

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    Way beyond. This happened with Alcie, and just yesterday with MOHAA. I downloaded the iso, burned it, installed it, and once you start it up, its like the video/all the graphics are skipping. It looked like it installed fine, just onve it starts up...

    Only happenes on some games. BF1942 was fine.

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    hmmmm Alice and Mohaa, those two games use the Q3 Graphix engine, maybe you have a problem with OpenGL, try installing Your Graphix Drivers and Update Directx9.0A to DirectX9.0b

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    That is a good idea.

    I did notice that the configs said OpenGL.

    Only thing is, I flashed my Geforce4mx to be a Quattro.

    I will try to get the new nVIDIA drivers, and you said the 9.0b DirectX?

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    everything else on your hard drive working ok? I only ask because my drives need defragging very often and if i dont everything skips like you said, music and games alike especially if im running the ISO's or cues with virtual drives, off the harddisc

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    Yea, other games worked fine. Just several iso's or ziped games I get off of here do this.


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