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Thread: REQ: scenehd

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    Can I get invite for scenehd


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    Please, only 1 invite for me...

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    Please I just ask one invite...

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    Jun 2008
    For the first: Theres just 9000 users
    For the second: Less than 1000 users hangs at FST (I guess)
    For the third: Staff don't give invites very often
    For the fourth: Whats the odds that one of them who hangs here have an invite AND wants to give it to you ?

    To increase the odds, I think you should tell a little about why you want it, post some ratioproofs and maybe a speedtest too...

    But Goodluck

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    Apr 2008
    don't know where
    if you have any other 0day(scene) tracker you dont need scenehd...

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    Aug 2008
    SceneHD is probably the weakest HD site that I am a member is way better and its usually open invite when their not full.


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