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Thread: Mouse

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    Anyone know of a way to crank that baby up faster than the slider allows via control panel ?

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    Apr 2003
    If you need it faster than the settings allow, you must be using the wrong drivers. Check at the mouses manufactures web site for a driver for your model.

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    I'm sure I have the correct ones. I just like to zip around the screen quickly. I have a steady hand B)

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    move your hand faster...
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    umm throw it really fast across the room or slide it really fast in that case...

    // i dont think its possible... unless u can find a tweaking program lol

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    Jan 2003
    If you use M&#036; Intellipoint, there is an option to accelerate the mouse movement as you move the mouse faster.

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    May 2003
    I don&#39;t get your mouse is not fast enough??? how fast are you boss??? man you need to be doing something else if you are that fast i wish i had those kind of problems, i can&#39;t keep up with mine


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