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Thread: Moby's View On Filesharing

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    Moby's view on filesharing
    posted by tamarisk on September 04, 2003 @ 02:10pm

    my thoughts on file-sharing?
    well, as i've said before i'm happy and flattered if anyone makes the effort to listen to my music, regardless of the medium by which it's delivered.
    i'm glad that the apple i-store exists, because that seems like a potentially healthy way of dealing with this situation, by offering downloads for a fairly reasonable price. and in general i do not support the efforts of the riaa regarding file-sharing.
    i didn't support them when they cracked down on internet radio (which really wasn't even their stated domain). and i don't support them now that they're cracking down on people who've engaged in file-sharing. i know for a fact that a lot of people first heard my music by downloading it from napster or kazaa. and for this reason i'll always be glad that napster and kazaa have existed. i'm sure that this is not a very popular thing for me to say, but it's the truth. i believe that we're moving towards some sort of resolution, though.
    and i hope for happy endings for all involved: record companies, musicians, music lovers, record stores, file-sharing sites, etc. everyone just needs to bend a little bit and the situation will be remedied (i.e-supporting your local record store, supporting things like apple's i-store, charging less for cd's, recognizing that file-sharing has served a great promotional value for record companies, musicians not expecting to get rich from selling music, etc).
    and the riaa certainly shouldn't prosecute people for listening to music. i can understand prosecuting people who copy and sell cd's, but i can't understand prosecuting someone because they love music and have a few illegally downloaded songs on their hard-drive.

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    Thanks for that - Velly Interesting
    Still i wouldn't want any o' his so called music anyhow

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    4play's Avatar knob jockey
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    moby rocks mate. i really wanna se him live.

    nice to see sombody who actually is affected by file sharing give us his opinion.

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    He is so supercool, I&#39;ve seen him a couple times downtown (in NY).. He is always doing normal stuff.
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    He feels the same way alot of us feel....there are a few of us on here that hate the guys that sell their MP3s and make Money.

    Go sell some Drugs or get a fucking Job.

    I just give the shit away.....ok ok....I do accept BEER when they offer it.

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    Moby is a perfect example of someone who&#39;s music I don&#39;t really care much for, but I have the utmost respect for as an artist and entertainer, as well as being someone who&#39;s actually in touch with technology.

    Personally, if forced to buy one c.d. between Moby or Metallica(a band I used to love), I&#39;d gladly pay for Moby&#39;s on principal alone.


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