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Thread: Earthstation 5 Really Mysterious... Please Read!

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    Hi everybody,

    I've read an article in german mazgazin "der spiegel" soon about
    this filesharing tool ES5 also known as Earthstation 5, and some facts
    in the article really make me think about the backrgound why ES5 is REALLY running:

    I run sharing cause we have to share our thoughts to understand each other better.
    But the owner of ES5 probably want to earn money and us it for commercial uses...

    In the article it was mentioned:

    the management of ES5 tell that they are officialy are located in a refugee
    camp in palestinia, but after some research some really mysterious things
    turned out - they could not find them there and have difficulties to find the
    real location. The official adress of the firma - that is the next mysterious thing -
    is used to be on a pacific Island, probably due to tax reasons ... hehe...

    And the other thing is they not only called war against RIAA, they also called war
    against SEX Industry, they want to offer free porns in the next time...

    They also mentioning that they normally have over 30 million of users, but
    it turned out - cause popular songs and other good not be found so much - that
    some 30.000 people are there regularly :(

    that is really mysterious - I can not tell about any experience, cause I never used it - but if there are only so few people, than you would not find much...

    so K-Lite is the best ;)

    thanks anyway, david - jsut wanted to mention what I ve read shortly, cause it really surprised me ...

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    ES5 sucks.

    No users, no files and a bad program.

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    tried it didnot like it at all sucked

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    hi, I tried it out now, I installd it but when trying to start I got
    an error message... Probably it is my pc, probably this program :~(

    anyway, I unsinstalled it ... and still use kazaa...


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    Not to mention (purportedly) all the registry entries it leaves behind.

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    only good thing is when sharepro puts up those streaming movies.
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