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Thread: Kazaa At Uni!

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    I'm off to university in a few weeks and I've been told that it will be possible (for a fairly sizable fee) to have a network connection in my Halls room. This will connect me to the campus network and allow me to surf the internet from my room. I'm promised broardband-type speeds but as far as I can tell they'll block file sharing. As I'm planning to restrict my file sharing to unsociable hours anyway I wondered if it would be possible to fool the network safeguards by using the guides in the FAQ.

    Any help would be appreciated lots.



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    There are still Uni's operating on Kazaa - i have had at least three different ones in the USA download from me today.

    Get yourself a port scanner and find which ports are open on the network and set Kazaa Lite to run on an open port !

    I believe that the UNI's are blocking 1214

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    Dude, why would you share at your Uni.

    You are in college, and that is the stupest thing you can ever do.

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    Originally posted by stonecold1203@5 September 2003 - 21:53
    Dude, why would you share at your Uni.

    You are in college, and that is the stupest thing you can ever do.
    uni isn't the same thing as college
    just ask JPaul...

    also, i think sticking your hand in a fire is a little more stupid
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    Is it worth the pennies? Wouldn&#39; it be cheaper to get outside net access?

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    I&#39;m British and my Uni is in the UK, I&#39;m never been over clear about the diff between college in the US and Uni in the UK. Why is sharing at college/Uni a bad thing? It&#39;s hardly that time consuming and It&#39;s not like I can&#39;t do other things at the same time.

    Anyways, I have penny-a-minute internet access available to me through NTL (I think I just patch into the integrated campus phone system) through a standard dial-up connection. I&#39;m not sure if broardband will be available at all. I&#39;ll be paying out around 150 a year (I think) for the connection, including access to shared resources such as printers, scanners and my own network space. 24/7 dial up internet will cost around 200 a year. I think you can understand why I would favour using the Uni network option. My main use of file sharing is for albums and the odd TV episode (handy, as a TV licence would set me back 120) so sharing at night is hardly going to overload the network.

    Could anyone recommend a good port scanner?

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    Because in US sharing using the campus network means you get sued for millions of &#036;

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    not to mention some of them are now setting up programs that actively search for people uploading stuff. If they find you, your internet gets axed indefinately. It fucking sucks. University of Florida has something like that set up. (though they give you two warnings before they axe it indefinately)

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    Ah, right. I&#39;ve been informed that due to security there is some port restriction but there is no massive warning against file sharing. I see what StoneCold was concerned about that. I&#39;ve glanced over the disciplinery info and the worse I can get for anything but outright antisocial behaviour is a rap on the knuckles. If I got found out and was given specific warning I would be bright enough to stop.

    Is filesharing really such a problem on the US college networks?

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    Originally posted by jammyo2k@7 September 2003 - 01:26
    Is filesharing really such a problem on the US college networks?

    Colleges have T3 connection available for their students.

    Students download music on that high speed connection

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