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Thread: Downloaded Files....

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    i am totally comfirm that my downloaded file from bittorent is 100% completed and i got alot non supported files,non .exe nor compression file like what is shown in picture below . What should i do ?

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    Cant see the image mate..but if theres about fifty of the files...they maybe .rar files,tri and open the first one with winrar.

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    Are flt files.FLT is short for Fairlight which releases ISOs.. they are usually split into multiple files for easy transferring.. possibly .001/.002 or .01/.02 or some type such as that.. you may load the first archive (.RAR/.01/.001) into WinAce (unsure of WinRar or WinZip) and extract them as such

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    Sounds right but TURN ON EXTENSIONS!!!! how the hell do you know what you're clicking on if extensions are hidden?
    Another Stupid MS idea.

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    I agree with Balamm, Anna Kournicova virus nearly cost me my job because of that feature


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