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Thread: What's Going On With The New Kazaa

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    [COLOR=blue][SIZE=7][FONT=Courier] Why is it that with the new kazaa I can't seem to research and find any software!
    Am I going about it all wrong! Help I need dreamweaver, director 8.5, calader creator, and illustrator 10 like yesterday for a class project.

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    Try searching for software under the "everything" setting.
    Also make sure that the box to "filter all files that may potentially contain viruses" is unchecked in K++ options>filters.

    You shouldn't leave your homework till the last minute anyway.
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    I try not to but I thought I could purchase the software at school at cut rate prices but they didn't have anymore, so I have to use kazaa to get them, by the way, how do I download them once I get them. B)


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