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Thread: For All Who Thinks Kazaa Is Dying

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    For all who thinks kazaa is dying,

    Users have went up since school started again in Americas
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Yeah I've noticed that it has over 4.1 million users online now. Before it was like over 3 million, and Kazaa never really was dying in the first place.

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    ya its dead i'm a supernode and only have one user on the bottom of my klite window

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    Preettyy funny....

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    That's pretty neat what you did... I like the "Darth Vader", etc.
    VERRY talented!


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    I noticed over 4 million people also.

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    there are quite a lot of people on this forum who hardly ever use kazaa
    the simple fact is that there are other, superior filesharing options out there
    the way i look at kazaa is that it's a stepping stone into real filesharing.
    kind of a little tutorial before you move up the ranks
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    Gotta agree with 3rd Gen on that point. It&#39;s been a while since I even bothered to start Kazaa up. I&#39;d consider uninstalling if it wasn&#39;t for my siblings using it from time to time.

    *sigh* I do miss the golden days of kazaa...


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